(reclamation) (EP)

by meishi smile

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"(reclamation)" is the third release by meishi smile.

Only several months after their 2nd full length "...Belong," a record detailing the search for a representational self, "(reclamation)” chooses to symbolize the affirmation of such notions amongst a much more calmly lucid and introverted backdrop.

The result is one focused on shallow ambiance, soft noise and screams that gasp rawly with desperation. Minimalist guitar loops processed till they sweep like ocean waves that peak during a blackened night. While lyrically, "(reclamation)" poses an even greater sense of self-consciousness than its predecessor, lingering exposed and accepting its own broken wings.

Although one can define this territory as an opposition towards the previous sounds of “LUST” and “…Belong,” it is actually with a degree of self-amendment that “(reclamation)” exists, as it simply serves to remember why the project is. For this brief expression serves as catharsis leading towards what can possibly “be" during the next stage of the meishi smile project.


All Meishi Smile Releases Are Free On Bandcamp Till 6.3

"LUST" zoomlens.bandcamp.com/album/lust-zl-18
"Breathe" zoomlens.bandcamp.com/album/breathe-zlep-21
"...Belong" zoomlens.bandcamp.com/album/belong-zl-28


released May 27, 1990

All Guitar/Piano/Vocals:

Brian Vu (brian-vu.com)

Mixed & Mastered:
Warren HIldebrand (warrenhildebrand.com)


"thank you becca, brian, warren, zoom lens family. to all who made me into what i am not, there is malice underneath - "i hope you forgive me for living." eat shit, you fucking maggots. ʎon˙ ʞuoʍ˙ ʍɥo˙ ʎon˙ ɐɹǝ˙"



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Track Name: forever (yours)
the me inside of you
always empty figure
the you inside of me
always passive figure

a future that could have been
maybe it is only the memory that is beautiful
disappointment is for self destruction
move the love that cannot tame me often
what use is affection without devotion

a beautiful sky, it’s high up above us
a drowning fear, it’s hidden below

flowers of death & blackened abuse
hold my head, you caress the noose
i feel you rot, just like a slave
in fucking love - till i am free

the apologetic with a carved smile
your pain is so infinite & passive
tastes like chocolate - can’t bear it often

birth is not life
death is not choice
i hope you will judge me for living
Track Name: strange color
there is no high
like this
there are no sins
like this
there can be no more mistakes
like this
there is no way to calm
this skin
this cuts
to the deepest tip
this soaks up cold
feelings that cannot mend

i empty what’s left
into a canvas
of shallow waters
soft cadavers
of the finest touch
this time
everything slips away
like valued shards of glass
i watch you
like in my dreams
all around us
are dragonflies
in the winter
a sweet rain
it soaks up our ways
turning on ecstatic ways
that wear like an old mask

things that are hidden
which wont be forgiven

blood, sins & lies