Opt​-​Out (Single)

by Yoshino Yoshikawa



2nd Single Off "Event Horizon"
Release: 10.13 (USA) / 10.14 (JPN)


"A vocaloid and I are singing about the era of full AI-based recommendations and curation

It’s easy to search other people’s answers or hints through services on the Internet. For example, Yahoo Answers for life questions, Yelp for meals, etc..

If you don’t have principles for your lifestyle, you can easily lose your anchor to the ground.

This is a story of courage to “Opt-Out” of these services and reclaim your decisions based on information collected by your feet and from your local community.

Musically throughout the album, I tried to make sounds that were like “J-Pop in a possible world.” This is because the music cannot exist on both indie and major music scenes in Japan in the real world.

Because these songs contain less Japanese lyrics, no idol singer and don’t follow the standard J-Pop format, they don’t match for the marketing strategies of labels and also don’t match for most listeners who don’t have tolerance for different stylistic sounds in Japan.

Like magic, I believe music always comes from the merging point of two or more different cultures or genres. So I can’t stop making sounds this way, even if I abandon the success of the Japanese scene."

-Yoshino Yoshikawa


Official Site: yosshibox.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yosshiboxpage
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/yosshibox
Twitter: twitter.com/yosshibox


released September 26, 2016

Artwork by yuu



all rights reserved


ZOOM LENS Los Angeles, California

Label / Collapsing the Binary Between Pop & Experimental Art

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