Mirage (Single)

by Yoshino Yoshikawa



1st Single Off "Event Horizon"
Release: 10.13 (USA) / 10.14 (JPN)


"Everyone living in a society or community needs to act out a role in their life. Sometimes others force a role on to you. I would say people are living in a “game” and perhaps you can start your own role in this “game.”

There are multiple games for you to play. For example, whether you like it or not, people who live in a country based on capitalism need to more or less “act” like an economically rational person and gain more profit.

Sometimes you want to hit the “high score” on one of these games. Maybe you try to optimize yourself into the game. However, with that attitude you may lose heart and the truth of your pathos. This may widen the distance between people living in different “games.”

We are playing so many games. There is the game of music, there are video games. It’s also a good idea that you’re nice to your friends and family and continue to reproduce. This is the game of living things.

From currency, to letterpress printing, to the Internet - during history, mankind has tried to solve problems with technology. I think learning to understand more about others is a good way, but we still don’t know the solution. However, we can be honest to ourselves and the people around us.

This song was made because I tried to be honest with what I wanted to create and my sense of value. I finally can start my own game."

-Yoshino Yoshikawa


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released September 16, 2016

Artwork by yuu



all rights reserved


ZOOM LENS Los Angeles, California

Label / Collapsing the Binary Between Pop & Experimental Art

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